The country complex “Green Cape” offers, both during the spawning period and at its end, the organization of fishing in water reservoirs. In one and a half kilometers from the base you can catch a trophy carp, practice in catching crucian,
hunt for pike. This is a good alternative to wild fishing in the Kiev reservoir.


It is here that you can work out the skill, teach your wife or children to fish.

You can order fishing in advance. Independently or accompanied by our huntsman, you can arrive to the fishing place during the day.

The probability of a good catching here is always strives to 100%!

The beaches near the ponds are sandy, with convenient approaches for catching with a spinning and a feeder.


About the cost of pleasure:

Zero fishing – 300 UAH per person (the catch will be released by you);

Fishing with a catch up to 3kg – 500 UAH.

rybalka-na-vodoemah-kievskogo-vodohranilishaNear the ponds there are aviaries with exotic animals: llamas, ostriches, two-humped camels, lions, etc. Interesting neighborhood! You supplement the selfie with the catch with photos with unexpected for our locality animals and this will hit the Net!

After the end of fishing, you return to the cosiness and comfort of the “Green Cape”.

We are located at:

Kiev region, Ivankovsky ryan, with. Strokholesye, st. Lesnaya 22.

Our contacts:

+38 (068) 341 77 91

+38 (050) 267 78 80

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