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Russian bath

The Green Cape is known for its excellent Russian bath. Russian bath (for 7 persons) and Finnish sauna (for 7 people). Baths are located in a detached house and can be combined, if your company is large. The bathhouse has a bathroom with a large shower, separate toilet, shower with a bucket of ice water, spacious hall to eat or drink the fragrant medicinal teas, relax watching TV or chat with friends. Crawfish on order and fresh beer is one of our numerous offers. The interior of the bath is laconic simple furniture, wood and stone of gray, white and beige colours. It is cool here even in the heat. Rest rooms are spacious enough to accommodate many guests.



1. Russian Bath 1 hour - 450 UAH (order from 2 hours)
- a broom (birch, oak) - 100 UAH
- essential oils 10ml - 50 UAH
- sheets and towels - 50 UAH
2. Rent board games - 100 UAH/day
(Monopoly, checkers, backgammon, dominoes)