Strokholesye village in its present borders appeared after the final formation of the mirror of the Kiev reservoir. The village includes five old villages that have been completely or partially flooded. In the Soviet period, the settlement was called the Green Cape. After the April 1986 events, the building of the power engineers’ city as the alternative to Pripyat was considered here. But the soil structure was not suitable for high-speed multi-storey constructions. Nevertheless, in the late 80’s a number of infrastructures were built: a sewage treatment plant, a fire department, a vegetable store and the town building plan was almost completed. At present, these buildings are becoming dilapidated, overgrown with pines and willows, partially dismantled for building materials.

The concourse of meteorological circumstances made it possible to avoid dangerous radiological contamination in the region of Strakholesye and the adjacent water area of the reservoir.
Existing special cartographic materials of research and monitoring organizations of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the EU confirm the favorable radiation characteristics of this sub-territory of Polesye.

The whole period of existence of Strakholesye Kiev reservoir of the (Green Cape) was famous for its remarkable fishing. Shallow waters, overgrown on considerable areas by the aquatic vegetation on the surface of the Kiev Sea, are known places for spawning and winter fishing for pikes, perches, catfish. Bird’s nests, migration places of ungulates and predators, islands and floodplains are rich in mushrooms and berries.


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