Our meal is delicious, nourishing, beautiful!

The heart of the Green Cape is a cozy and comfortable restaurant.
The unusual design, natural materials in the decoration,
the Dutchware on the fireplace, comfortable furniture and, of course, a fully equipped kitchen,
experienced chefs and fresh village products -
all these are the best conditions for gastronomic pleasure,
excellent facilities and a pleasant conversation!

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The Green Cape menu includes the most popular dishes of meat, poultry, fish, universal salads, homemade snacks, pastries and desserts. All the products, which the experienced chefs use to prepare something yummy for you, are of an excellent quality. Fish – always fresh, chicken – home, vegetables – farmer, liquor – by grandmother’s recipe, cheese and cottage cheese – homemade, fresh draft beer and variety of bottled beer, excellent coffee. The menu also offers to try grill dishes. Free Wi-Fi.


The lower tier of the Lighthouse is a cozy tavern with 18 seats. Tavern’s heart is its fireplace. Our guests with warmth recall the evenings around the living fire. A glass of whiskey or a glass of mulled wine, cool beer or sweet tea are especially tasty here. Hexagon-shaped hall of the tavern is decorated with wood beams, oak furniture and tasteful decorative glass. TV and karaoke give you the opportunity to have fun – in a big company, and together with a beloved one. You can rent a tavern at the time of your intimate gatherings. Deposit – 12500uah.




1. Cleaning:

- fish - 30 UAH/kg

- ducks - 50 UAH/kg

- mushrooms - 100 UAH/kg

2. File fish - 50 UAH/kg

3. Vacuuming - 25 UAH/kg

4. Shock freezing - 25 UAH/kg

5. Marinating fish - 30 UAH/kg

6. Pickling fish (lightly salted) - 100 UAH/kg

7. Cooking:

- fish 100 UAH/kg

- ducks 200 UAH/kg

- mushrooms 100grn/kg