There are a lot of fish
and wild fowl in Strakholesie.

Trophy catches or desired kill
are the little what water and a thicket of our region can give you.
The Green Cape also will give you the maximum comfort and the benefits of the civilization in these wild places.
We will peel and butch your catches. Get ready to take pictures and videos to your friends:
you will have something to boast!

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The Green Cape is a perfect place for fishermen! Large slipways for boats, own gas station, rental and sale of tackle, services of huntsmen (guides) who will show you the best fishing places. Your catch will be stored, cleaned and butchered (we have a butcher shop) or, on request, prepared and served to your table.


Slipways for storage of boats and tackles

Green Cape offers its clients 30 spacious boxes for storage of boats and equipment. A long-term lease is also available.


Fishing and hunting

Fishing and hunting in the Cape Verde Country Complex. Strakholesie.


Do you need a huntsman or guide? We have them!

Huntsmen will assist you while fishing, prompt, advise, support, in general, will provide you with a trophy catch!


You caught – we butchered and cooked!

Your catch can be stored, butchered (there is a butcher shop), and can be immediately butcher, cook over an open fire and serve.


Have you lost or damaged your tackle?

Rent and sale of gear is our extra service. If required, you can hire or buy necessary for high-grade comfortable fishing.


The Green Cape is surrounded by a multitude of private hunting leases, wild thickets are teeming with all kinds of wild fowl. Our region is famous for vast areas of wild nature, where there are wild boar, roe deer, wolves, hares, ducks, woodcock and other game. Hunting in our area will long remain in the memory – there will be a lot of kill and comfort. We have the ability to store personal hunting weapon in the vaults of a separate armory room, where there is security and 24/7 video surveillance. The courtyard has the aviaries with booths for hunting dogs. You can also order the huntsmen. We can also make cutting and preparation of wild fowl after a successful hunt.


Hunting with dogs is for us!

"Green Cape" accepts hunters with four-legged friends. For our guests' hunting dogs we have built spacious enclosures with comfortable boxes.


Weapon storage

The Green Cape has taken care of the protection of your weapon. We have a separate armory room with a reliable safes. It is equipped with alarm and video surveillance around the clock.



1.Boat rental (gasoline is paid after the fact, the huntsman’s services are included in the price)

а)Boat “Lund” 4-5 local with engine Yamaha 115hp - 5000 UAH/8 hours.
(every next hour + 1000 UAH)

б)Boat “Lund” 4-5 local with engine Mercury 115hp - 5000 UAH/8hours.
(every next hour + 1000 UAH)

в)Boat “Dnepr” 4-seater with Honda engine 50hp - 4000 UAH/8hours.
(every next hour + 500 UAH)

2.Boat parking per day - 85-100 UAH.

3.Dropping the boat on the water - 150 UAH.

4.Parking - 60 UAH/day.

5.Boat parking in boathouse: (small and large)

-month 2550/3000 UAH

- high season (May 1 - December 1) - 17850/21000 UAH

-low season (December 1 - May 1) - 6750/7500 UAH

-year - 24600/28500 UAH

6.Karaoke - 300 UAH/hour.

7.Pets up to 7kg. in the hotel room - 500 UAH/day.

8.Conference hall for 50 seats (6hours) - 12500 UAH.

9.Russian billiards:

- from 08:00 to 18:00. 200 UAH/hour
- from 18:00 to 08:00. 300 UAH/hour

10.American billiards:

- from 08:00 to 18:00. 150 UAH/hour
- from 18:00 to 08:00 200 UAH/hour.

11.Spinning rental - 300 UAH/day.

12.Tackle for spinning - 125 UAH/day.

13.Fisherman's set - 100 UAH/day.