The concept of the country complex” Green Cape ” answers the questions “What to do here in the evening?” The Russian and Finnish saunas are the wonderful variants of relaxation intended for you at our base. A separate building, designed for two campaigns of 8 people or one large. Convenient steam rooms, bathrooms and showers, comfortable lounges (TV, view on the piers). The clients are offered herbal tea, birch sap, and crayfish on request. Via a direct telephone connection with the bar, a restaurant and a reception all the missing (drinks, restaurant dishes, bath attributes) will be delivered to you within 15 minutes!

The complex “Green Cape” was created on the basis of the analysis of the experience of the fishermen and hunters complexes and their associates and travelers on the Dnieper, Danube, Akhtuba, and North Dvina, Baikal, Yukon.

The project, realized for you, includes a hotel with rooms of different comfort levels: from Standard to Lux and a separate cottage with 5 bedrooms. A restaurant in the style of a light Belgian pub, a fishing tavern with a fireplace, open terraces, a karaoke bar, a billiard room, a cinema, a conference room. On the upper level of the Lighthouse there is a large viewing platform with a 360-degree view.

And, of course, there are many options for fishermen and hunters: mooring lines, concrete SLIP, slipways for boats and gear, a device for trophy weighing, dog enclosures, a cutting shop, a frost shock for a catch, medium temperature and low temperature storage cabinets, a parking for the lake boat carriages, the weapons room.

Our clients are fishermen, hunters, travelers. But frequent guests are also professionals – film crews of local and foreign channels, seminars, conferences, negotiations participants.

If you are a fan of relaxation in its various forms – hobbies, creativity, hunting for unique photos, sleeping, singing, socializing, getting to know fashion trends for trips outside the city, walking through the forest, then come!

Come in spring, in summer, in fall, and in winter!

We are located at:

Kiev region, Ivankovsky ryan, with. Strokholesye, st. Lesnaya 22.

Our contacts:

+38 (068) 341 77 91

+38 (050) 267 78 80

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